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If Emotional Pain is Your Normal

If Relationships Failed You

If Life Feels Confusing or Overwhelming or Purposeless

You are Not Alone . . We Can Help 


Professional Mental Health Therapy & Counseling 

A Group Private Practice 

Serving Adults throughout Maryland & Arizona

All are Welcome 

For Coaching with Sherry McClurkin, available US-wide, go to

Trauma-Centered, Integrative Approach for 

Individual, Couples, & Group Therapies


Specific Clinical Interventions are Tailored to Needs, Preferences, & Personality

Grief, Loss, and Disappointment can cause Confusion

Losing a loved one through death, disappointment, distance, or betrayal all trigger feelings of grief and loss.


Grief is also real when there is a loss of dreams, financial resources, or safety and security. Grief hits us in unexpected and confusing ways.  

“Get over it” does not work.

Grief is a journey you don’t have to walk alone

Hold on Pain Ends

Trauma and Abuse are Not Who You Are

The impact of trauma and abuse on a person is mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. Trauma and abuse turn your world upside down, shake your reality, and twist your perceptions.

Anger, fear, anxiety, insecurity, broken relationships, depression, as well as questioning one’s sanity, reality, and purpose can result.


Healing from trauma and abuse is not forgetting; it is easing the intensity of the emotions.  It is you controlling your emotions with your emotions no longer controlling you.

You are not crazy.

You can heal

New Life

Build Happy and Loving Relationships

Loved ones, friends, and family are fundamental relationships. And they often don’t function well.


Broken trust, unresolved hurts, anger, and a sense of being misunderstood are several of the roadblocks to healthy and fulfilling relationships. 

You deserve happy, loving, and supportive relationships

Serving Maryland & Arizona Adults

Maryland Board-Approved Professional Clinical Supervision


In-Office  &  Telehealth-Virtual Appointments Available 

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Client Focused & Community Connected


Our philosophy is All Deserve Access to quality mental health professionals

And that is why we offer a variety of services

Pleased to Support Local Organizations including


Honored to Work with Counseling Programs of Local Universities and Colleges

Our clients are from All cultures,  faiths, ethnicities, gender identities, 
&  sexual expressions
How it Works

Our Focus is to Empower and Equip You to 

Change Your Life in the Way You Want 

Safe, Professional, No-judgement Encounter with

Compassion, Empathy, Honesty, and Respect


For Individuals & Couples

In-Office  &  Telehealth-Virtual Available  

  • Sessions at your pace and based on your priorities;


  • Sessions generally once a week to build a good working relationship and continually reinforce the new coping you are learning

  • First session of 60 minutes to go over Policies/Procedures, answer your questions, gather background information, and identify your priorities

  • Appointment reminders via text or e-mail, as you choose

  • Private account in our HIPAA-compliant, confidential Electronic Health Records system for web-based New Client Intake forms, billing documents, and appointment tracking 

Monday - Saturday

 Daytime and Evening Appointments

generally available


Group Therapy is Topic Specific  

Current Groups Listed under Group Therapy

  • Participants carefully selected, share similar issues and circumstances

  • Small Groups of less than 10

  • No pressure, No judgement

  • Group Therapy sessions generally once a week to build good relationships and continually reinforce learning

  • Group Therapy sessions are 75 minutes in length

  • Appointment reminders via text or e-mail, as you choose

  • Private account in our HIPAA-compliant, confidential Electronic Health Records system for web-based New Client Intake forms, billing documents, and appointment tracking 

New Groups Form Often so Keep Checking

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  • Heartly House    Frederick based non-profit; services and resources for victims and survivors of intimate partner abuse and child abuse

  • Hospice of Frederick County    Frederick based non-profit; compassionate palliative care services including caregiver support; free short-term grief counseling and free ongoing grief support groups


  • Frederick Rescue Mission    Frederick based non-profit, Christ-centered ministry; Residential recovery programs; Free community resources of food, clothing, furniture, and extreme weather shelter


  • Mental Health Association of Frederick County    Frederick based non-profit; education, empowerment, advocacy and treatment for children, adults and families through a wide array of services

  • Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents   Amazon best-selling book by Lindsay Gibson, PsyD, on "How to heal from distant, rejecting, or self-involved parents"; website includes additional resources


  • Alliance of Therapy Dogs    International network of verified therapy dogs, information and resources

  • Boundaries    Books, workbooks, and other resources on emotionally healthy boundaries and limits to clearly define yourself and not let others control your life;  Christian oriented

  • Brainspotting    Brain-focused, research supported therapeutic techniques to access unprocessed trauma; Books and other resources also available


  • Leslie Vernick    Books and blog focused on emotionally healthy relationships;  Christian oriented

  • Good Therapy    Mental health news and information, challenging mental health stigma, promoting ethical therapy

  • Psych Central    Articles, assessments, and resources related to depression, anxiety, and other emotional issues

Find Us

1707 Rosemont Avenue

Frederick MD  21702

Enter from the Back via Lee Place

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Free Parking in Rear and Along Lee Place

Park for Free in the lot Behind the building in the spaces on the Right side; and along Lee Place.  All areas are well-lit and safe.

Reach Us

Ph:  301-732-7977

Fax: 301-371-2371

Entrance in Rear

From Rosemont Ave, Take First Left into 'alley' to access Entrance and Parking 

Reach Us
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