Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do You Take Insurance?

Yes, we are In-Network with all CareFirst  and Blue Cross/Blue Shield plans (except Medicaid)

And Associate Therapist Angie Miller is In-Network with Cigna.

We are Out-of-Network with all other insurances.  You May Still Have Benefits.

If your Provider is In-Network with your health insurance, then check on:

  • Deductible your insurance may have,

  • Co-Pay or Co-Insurance your insurance may have,

  • For Co-Insurance, length of sessions impacts cost.


If your Provider is Out-of-Network with your health insurance, then check on:

  • Out-of-Network benefits,

  • Out-of-Network Deductible.

It is best for you to call your health insurance plan directly and ask about In-Network and Out-of-Network mental health benefits including deductible and co-pay/co-insurance.

Q:  What Forms of Payment are Accepted?


For Telehealth-Virtual sessions, Only Credit, Debit, HSA/FSA Cards are accepted.  Card must be On-File.


For In-Person / In-Office sessions: Cash, Checks made out to "Salt and Light Counseling LLC", and Credit, Debit, and HSA/FSA Cards are all accepted.

Q:  How Much Does it Cost?

While cost matters, your mental and emotional health also matter.   Cost is one of many factors to consider.

When shopping for a car or smartphone or anything else we consider a priority, we shop carefully. That's how we meet our wants and needs. 


This is your chance to make yourself a priority.


For insurance, check out the information in the FAQ box on that topic. 

For Self-Pay, we have 3 Fee Scales .. 

  • Associate Therapist =

$75 for the first session;  

$65 for a 55 min session;  

$55 for a 45 min session

  • Therapist =

$140 for the first session;  

$130 for a 55 min session;  

$120 for a 45 min session

  • ​Discount Fees May be Available.  Simply ask your Provider.

Q:  Do you do Christian Counseling?    Do you only work with Christians?

I identify in a way Christians don't like; Would you work with me?

Do you try to convert people to Christianity?

All are Welcome.  We do Not discriminate.  

We strongly believe in and practice

Respect,  Inclusion,  Equality,

and  Non-Judgement

We strongly believe those define True Christianity.

We are Counselors and Therapists who are also Christians who follow True Christianity.

We are Person-Centered so only discuss and explore what fits within goals you define.  

Our Focus is to Empower and Equip You to Change Your Life in the Way You Want