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Grief, Loss, and Disappointment can cause Confusion

Losing a loved one through death, disappointment, distance, or betrayal all trigger feelings of grief and loss.


Grief is also real when there is a loss of dreams, financial resources, or safety and security. Grief hits us in unexpected and confusing ways.  

“Get over it” does not work.

Grief is a journey you don’t have to walk alone

Hold on Pain Ends

Trauma and Abuse are Not Who You Are

The impact of trauma and abuse on a person is mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. Trauma and abuse turn your world upside down, shake your reality, and twist your perceptions.

Anger, fear, anxiety, insecurity, broken relationships, depression, as well as questioning one’s sanity, reality, and purpose can result.


Healing from trauma and abuse is not forgetting; it is easing the intensity of the emotions.  It is you controlling your emotions with your emotions no longer controlling you.

You are not crazy.

You can heal

New Life

Build Happy and Loving Relationships

Loved ones, friends, and family are fundamental relationships. And they often don’t function well.


Broken trust, unresolved hurts, anger, and a sense of being misunderstood are several of the roadblocks to healthy and fulfilling relationships. 

You deserve happy, loving, and supportive relationships

Professional Workshops & Seminars

Informative . . Interactive . . Engaging

Our Customers are Businesses, Government Entities, Non-Profits, and Community Groups, including:

Business Health Services (BHS)      Frederick County Government      Frederick County Public Schools 

Head Start of Frederick County      Hood College      Living Well Youth Works

Maryland Naturopathic Doctors Association      Mothers of Preschoolers, Liberty Baptist Church, Lisbon MD

Mother's Together


  • Is ‘Stop Pushing My Buttons!’ a common thought or expression for you? 

  • Are you tired of people ignoring your boundaries? 

  • Are you unsure what an emotional boundary even looks like or how to have one? 

Stop Pushing My Buttons! 

Emotional Boundaries 101

Stress Less and Enjoy Life More

  •  Does your heart pound, or palms sweat, or thoughts race in certain situations?  

  • Is it hard to relax? Do you believe what you've done is not enough?

  • Are you often worried, forgetful, or worried you'll be forgetful?  


      It's Anxiety! 

Anxiety Does Not Have to Win!

You can Challenge Self-Judgement, Perfectionism, and Unrealistic Expectations


Let Us Create a Workshop Specific to the Needs of Your Business or Community Organization

Staying Sane

While Balancing Demands and Priorities

When you feel you’re bouncing from one activity to another or the demands of life seem to be in control, then it may be time to set goals and priorities.  

Realign Your Life Around What Truly Matters


Properly Set Goals and Priorities Give Us Balance, Meaning, and Satisfaction

The ABCs of the Worried Child and

How to Help Them

  • Have you wondered why a child seems to fall apart with every little change in their environment?  

  • Do you care for a child who doesn’t want you to be out of their sight?  

  • Are you unsure how to react to a child who seems fearful when you see nothing to be afraid of?  

This is a primer for all adults who care for and about children who seem worried, anxious or fearful, or are overly pleasing or shy

Relationship Success is Possible!

  • Had a string of unhappy relationships? 

  • Tired of the same arguments, over and over?

  • Wondering if things will ever get better?  

Learn how to speak from

your truth with compassion,

listen with purpose, and hold

differences with empathy

and acceptance.

Lasting and Loving Relationships Deserve Standards. Surround Yourself with Those Who Build You Up, and Not Tear You Down


Salt and Light Counseling  LLC offers

Board Approved Supervision Services in a

Professional Private Practice setting and from a

Trauma-Informed and True Christian perspective of

Inclusion, Equality, Non-Judgement,

Empathy, Compassion, and Grace

We are dedicated to providing supervision services that improve and broaden the clinical and administrative skills of counselors-in-training who are themselves founded in Christ

What is Supervision?

Supervision is a working relationship between a Supervisor and a Counselor-Supervisee in which the Supervisee shares, reflects, and receives feedback to help increase the Supervisee’s therapeutic and ethical competence and confidence to best serve clients.


The supervision relationship is based on openness, acceptance, and trust

What is Salt and Light Counseling LLC's Approach to Supervision?

The Supervisor takes on specific roles with the Supervisee based on the dynamic of the relationship and cases being processed. These roles include Teacher (Action) for didactic-oriented activities, evaluative functions, and transmitting knowledge; Counselor (Relationship) to help the Supervisee understand their own dynamics and resolve issues affecting counseling; and Consultant (Insight) to provide opportunity for the Supervisee to develop their own conceptualization and plan.