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Professional Clinical Supervision
Relationship . . Relationship . . Relationship
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All studies show the Relationship between client and therapist makes the Most difference in client outcomes.


Not techniques

#2   Therapist's Primary Role, then, is to

Build & Model Authentic Relationship with client

This requires a relationally healthy therapist

We can only model what we know, so consider . .
How are you at Boundaries?

Do you know how to be Authentic?

How well do you do Honesty?

How well do you handle your own & other's Anger?

Are you able to share Power?

How well do you handle Conflict?

Trust is Earned After Successfully

Building & Modeling Authentic Relationship

Positive Outcomes from Techniques come After Trust

A Healthy Supervision Relationship is also

based on Authenticity


Sherry McClurkin, LCPC &

Maryland Board Approved Supervisor &

Certified Trauma Specialist

Brings It! 

Contractual Words . . Supervision is a working relationship between a Supervisor and a Counselor-Supervisee in which the Supervisee shares, reflects, and receives feedback to help increase the Supervisee’s therapeutic and ethical competence and confidence to best serve clients.

Supervisor Bio & Focus

Sherry McClurkin, LCPC, is a

Maryland Board Approved Supervisor &

a Certified Trauma Specialist

Read more about Sherry on The Team page

Sherry's Focus & Strengths:

Supervision focus.png

Sherry's Words . .

"I received poor supervision at an externship during my Grad program that left me crying many times, believing I couldn't do anything to please this Supervisor.  I was even scared I wouldn't receive a passing grade yet I got an unexpected A.

It was then I promised myself to become a Supervisor and never, ever treat my supervisees as I was treated .

I absolutely keep to that promise."

"I want you to have encouragement & guidance to grow into the absolute best therapist you can possibly be."

Contractual Words . . 

 Supervisory Roles

The Supervisor takes on specific roles with the Supervisee based on the dynamic of the relationship and cases being processed.

These roles include

  • Teacher (Action) for didactic-oriented activities, evaluative functions, and transmitting knowledge;

  • Counselor (Relationship) to help the Supervisee understand their own dynamics and resolve issues affecting counseling; and

  • Consultant (Insight) to provide opportunity for the Supervisee to develop their own conceptualization and plan.

group supervision
Group Supervision Info

Group Supervision

facilitated by


Sherry McClurkin, LCPC &

MD Board Approved Supervisor &

Certified Trauma Specialist

Tuesdays Starting January 31, 2023

Benefits of Group Supervision

  • Grow more confident through shared experiences

  • Learn from a wider array of perspectives & techniques

  • Enhance exposure to spectrum of diagnoses

  • Build deeper colleague & referral networks

Group Supervision Details

Starts:  Tuesday, January 31, 2023

When:  Every Tuesday, 5 pm to 6:15 pm ET, for 75 mins

Where:  All of Maryland via Google Meet Link, to be provided

Who:  Targeted to LGPCs in Maryland, Open to all Licenses

Cost:  $50 per session

How:  Contact Sherry for More Info,

See Reach Us

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