Salt and Light Counseling  LLC offers

Board Approved Supervision Services in a

Professional Private Practice setting and from a

Trauma-Informed and True Christian perspective of

Inclusion, Equality, Non-Judgement,

Empathy, Compassion, and Grace

We are dedicated to providing supervision services that improve and broaden the clinical and administrative skills of counselors-in-training who are themselves founded in Christ

Salt and Light Counseling LLC offers Supervision for

Interns still in their Graduate program and for LGPCs (i.e., licensed at the Graduate level)

What is Supervision?

Supervision is a working relationship between a Supervisor and a Counselor-Supervisee in which the Supervisee shares, reflects, and receives feedback to help increase the Supervisee’s therapeutic and ethical competence and confidence to best serve clients.


The supervision relationship is based on openness, acceptance, and trust

What is Salt and Light Counseling LLC's Approach to Supervision?

The Supervisor takes on specific roles with the Supervisee based on the dynamic of the relationship and cases being processed. These roles include Teacher (Action) for didactic-oriented activities, evaluative functions, and transmitting knowledge; Counselor (Relationship) to help the Supervisee understand their own dynamics and resolve issues affecting counseling; and Consultant (Insight) to provide opportunity for the Supervisee to develop their own conceptualization and plan.


Because there is Hope

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