The Team & Approach

Our approach is Non-judging, Your Comfort is Priority

We use a person-centered, strengths-based, trauma-informed clinical approach. This approach integrates cognitive and behavioral interventions with reality-testing, psycho-education, relationship skills, and empowerment to accomplish the overall goal of developing a clearer sense of self and healthy emotional boundaries. Specific methods are tailored to your needs, preferences, and personality. 

All are Welcome

We offer both in-person and TeleheaIth/Virtual appointments; this varies by Therapist.  In-Person appointments are with reasonable health precautions decided between you and your Therapist.  

We model healthy, restorative relationship with clients and focus on creating a therapeutic relationship that is authentic, consistent, and increases trust. This fits with our Christian foundation, which includes our openness to discuss faith and spirituality if you wish to and as led by you.

Contact us. We're happy to answer your questions and talk about your concerns.  

Our philosophy is all should have access to quality mental health professionals.

And that is why we offer a variety of services

Meet Sherry McClurkin, MS, LCPC .. Owner, Supervisor, Therapist
  • Sherry is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in Maryland 

  • Master of Science from Loyola University Maryland’s clinically demanding Pastoral Counseling program

  • Work background in addictions treatment center, outpatient mental health clinics, and private practice

  • Member of professional organizations, and keeps current in the mental health field through conferences and continuing education


I Believe in Inspiring Healing


As the Owner of Salt and Light Counseling LLC, I do my best to lead by example. This includes maturity, passion for people who are hurting, and approach of compassion, empathy, and intuitive understanding.  These blend together to create a safe, warm, therapeutic atmosphere and relationship. 

I focus on Adults dealing with childhood trauma, abuse, or substance use.  These Adults often find themselves feeling stuck or helpless.  These Adults are also plagued by anxiety, maybe even panic attacks, along with uncertainty and relationships that lack boundaries.

I use proven methods to move from helpless to Empowered, to move from stuck to Creative Problem Solving, to move from anxious to Calmer and More Emotionally Balanced.

I am Telehealth/Virtual Only, and I Do Not take any insurance.  I am happy to discuss with you how to find out if your insurance plan may actually cover part of your cost.  I am also happy to provide you with a Super Bill to provide to your insurance plan for possible reimbursement.



P. S.   In my personal life, I live in Arizona while I work with clients in Maryland.  I live with a spoiled house cat and 2 dogs, Reesie and Rebel.  I take my dogs with me pretty much everywhere and enjoy dog-focused activities.

I use Proven Methods to Move
from helpless to Empowered

Meet Tasha Branch, MA, LCPC .. Therapist
Latasha Branch, LCPC

Tasha focuses on therapy as a relationship built on trust and acceptance. She creates and fosters a non-judgmental atmosphere and works with her clients to examine how addiction, trauma, broken relationships, difficult life transitions, and grief are impacting you.


Tasha's passion is to support you

through building a strong foundation to heal


Tasha views each concern holistically, examining how it's affecting job, home life, and relationships. She grows your awareness of how each impacts the other and guides you closer to wholeness as you define it.

Meet Angie Miller, MS, LGPC .. Associate Therapist
Angela Miller, LGPC

Angie's past employment at the University of Baltimore working with students deepened her empathy and ability to guide others through personal issues as they struggled to balance those with studies.  Angie's full internship with Salt and Light Counseling LLC and now as an Associate Therapist expands those skills and allows focus to assist with work-life balance, sense of purpose, breaking through fears, and improving self-esteem.


Angie especially enjoys working with those who struggle

with anxiety and related challenges

In her free time, Angie is all about her young son, playing outside, and baking, knitting, and drawing. She is also a Marvel's Avengers  enthusiast.

Meet Jasmine Rivera, MS, LCPC .. Therapist

Jasmine is interested in the link between the creative arts and therapy to promote positivity, increase self awareness, and foster change in how an individual views themselves.  Jasmine graduated with a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from McDaniel College which included a full internship with Salt and Light Counseling LLC.  Jasmine focuses on empowering others to improve relationships, navigate challenging life transitions, set and achieve life goals, and better understand their motivations and passions. 

Jasmine's caring and unconditional acceptance is obvious

from the moment you meet her

In her free time, Jasmine is an accomplished dancer and dance instructor, and enjoys spending time with family, doodling, and a good cup of black coffee.

Meet Lonna Soward, LGPC .. Associate Therapist
Lonna Headshot.jpg

Lonna brings a wide variety of treatment approaches for individuals, couples, families, as well as group therapy including art therapy, cognitive-behavioral (CBT), person-centered, dance/movement therapy, expressive arts, interpersonal, mindfulness-based (MBCT), music therapy, and play therapy.

Lonna has a deep passion for helping others

attain their goals and live a more fulfilling life. 

Lonna also enjoys her family and her dog.