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Business and Corporate

Salt and Light Counseling LLC is recognized by and partnered with Business Health Services (BHS) to provide business and corporate seminars on topics such as preventing sexual harassment, multiculturalism, managing challenging employees, and creating satisfied customers.  If your organization is contracted with BHS, then ask for Salt and Light Counseling LLC.  Look up BHS at


We've presented to prominent employers, including: Frederick County Government, Frederick County Public Schools, Hood College.

Community and Non-Profit Organizations

Salt and Light Counseling LLC has had the privilege of giving workshops to:  parents through Head Start of Frederick County; youth through Living Well Youth Works; and adults of all ages through many other community and non-profit organizations.


Let Us Create a Workshop Specific to the Needs of Your Business or Community Organization


  • Is ‘Stop Pushing My Buttons!’ a common thought or expression for you? 

  • Are you tired of people ignoring your boundaries? 

  • Are you unsure what an emotional boundary even looks like or how to have one? 

Stop Pushing My Buttons! 

Emotional Boundaries 101

Staying Sane

While Balancing Demands and Priorities

When you feel you’re bouncing from one activity to another or the demands of life seem to be in control, then it may be time to set goals and priorities.  

Realign Your Life Around What Truly Matters


Properly Set Goals and Priorities Give Us Balance, Meaning, and Satisfaction

Stress Less and Enjoy Life More

  •  Does your heart pound, or palms sweat, or thoughts race in certain situations?  

  • Is it hard to relax? Do you believe what you've done is not enough?

  • Are you often worried, forgetful, or worried you'll be forgetful?  


      It's Anxiety! 

Anxiety Does Not Have to Win!

You can Challenge Self-Judgement, Perfectionism, and Unrealistic Expectations

Navigating the 'Joy' of the Holidays

When You Don't Have Any

  • While everyone else seems to be enjoying the Holidays, do you feel lost, lonely, or left out? 

  • Or maybe the Holidays bring up unhappy memories  

  • Perhaps the whole Holiday Season is emotionally painful  

Let us help you navigate the pressure to feel joy when you don’t and to discover your own meaning for the Holiday Season.


There are many real reasons for disliking

“the most wonderful time of the year” as the song calls it

The ABCs of the Worried Child and

How to Help Them

  • Have you wondered why a child seems to fall apart with every little change in their environment?  

  • Do you care for a child who doesn’t want you to be out of their sight?  

  • Are you unsure how to react to a child who seems fearful when you see nothing to be afraid of?  

This is a primer for all adults who care for and about children who seem worried, anxious or fearful, or are overly pleasing or shy

Relationship Success is Possible!

  • Had a string of unhappy relationships? 

  • Tired of the same arguments, over and over?

  • Wondering if things will ever get better?  

Learn how to speak from

your truth with compassion,

listen with purpose, and hold

differences with empathy

and acceptance.

Lasting and Loving Relationships Deserve Standards. Surround Yourself with Those Who Build You Up, and Not Tear You Down


Learn Healthy Emotional Boundaries, Setting Them, Keeping Them, and Why They are Important for Good Relationships


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Because there is Hope

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